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Embedded Engineer

Posted On: November 25, 2019
Location: Greenville, IL
Department: Engineering

Enertech Global is seeking a Software, Computer or Electrical Engineer to design, test, and document embedded systems for the next generation controls of our world class geothermal HVAC systems.

You will be based in Greenville, IL joining a fast-paced team of Engineers focused on delivering new, energy efficient, HVAC products to market. As part of the team, you will have the opportunity to develop and maintain embedded systems including multipurpose actuator/sensor boards, ARM based IoT boards and embedded Linux systems with Cloud access for residential use.

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Full-time, day shift, <5% travel


  • Programming skills that include experience with C and/or C++, and a scripting language (Such as Ruby, Python, or Bash)
  • Experience with development environment tools such as gcc, CMAKE, and Eclipse
  • Familiarity with software debugging tools such as GDB
  • Working knowledge of version control systems such as Git
  • A familiarity of the Linux command line
  • Ability to read and create analog and digital circuit diagrams is a bonus
  • Knowledge of networking software and hardware is a bonus

BS in Computer/Electrical Engineering or Computer Science/Software Engineering

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    Embedded Engineer
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About Enertech

Geothermal heating and cooling is all about harnessing the power of the earth and utilizing it to transfer heat. Much like a refrigerator, a geothermal system has the ability to move heat from one location to another. With the earth absorbing 48% of the sun’s solar energy, the result is a fairly constant underground temperature of about 45 degrees.

Through pipes buried in the ground, we transfer heat from the earth to a home in the winter, then reverse the process by pulling heat from the home in the summer and releasing it into the cooler ground during the summer months. The result is the most comfortable living environment imaginable that is both eco-friendly and provides substantial cost savings on utility bills. It’s an all-around win for every homeowner.

Enertech Global is a leading manufacturer and visionary in the geothermal heating and cooling industry. With corporate headquarters in Greenville, IL, and production facilities in Mitchell, SD, Enertech Global’s award winning products are proudly made in the heart of America and are distributed throughout the United States and Canada. The company’s product lines consist of GeoComfort®, Hydron Module®, and TETCO® brands. For more information, visit online at

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