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3-Day New York Training: Hydronics, AS&I, and Advantage Air-to-Water

Enertech University will be hosting a 3-day NY Training Event from October 11th-13th, 2022 at the Holiday Inn Poughkeepsie in Poughkeepsie, NY. Join Enertech's Senior trainer, John Pendleton, and Enertech's staff as they present a two-day training where you can pick your own geothermal heat pump track. Choices include Applied Service and Installation Training or Hydronics, Unit Design, and Sizing Training (Including GeoAnalyst). As a bonus, Enertech will be hosting a free, one-day Advantage Air-to-Water Heat Pump Training that you won't want to miss.

*The Advantage Air-to-Water heat pump training is optional and can be attended as a sole training event. So, if you only want to do geothermal training, air-to-water training, or both, you have the option to do so! Make sure you select the ticket(s) during registration.

  • Date: October 11-13, 2022 |
  • Cost: $149 per person


Hydronics, Unit Design, and Sizing Training (Including Geo Analyst): A laptop is required for this training. Each attendee must bring their own. Before the training, each attendee must register on Geo Analyst by creating an account
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