Solar PV and Your Building

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How To Make Your Building Energy Efficient

1. Insulate

A poorly insulated building will inherently be inefficient. Whether building new or updating your structure, the most important part of becoming energy efficient is installing good insulation.

2. Reduce Energy Demand

HVAC uses around 50% of the energy in an average home and 35% in an average commercial building. By installing a geothermal heat pump, that demand (heating, cooling, and hot water) can be reduced by 50% or more.

3. Install Solar

Now that you have a well insulated building that needs significantly less energy, generating your own electricity through solar power is more affordable and practical. Solar panels can provide up to 100% of your electrical demand during daylight hours.

4. Add Energy Storage

With daylight hours taken care of, the last step would be to add energy storage in the form of batteries. That will allow any electricity that isn't used during the day to be used at night or as a backup if the grid is unavailable.

Savings With Solar

IRA Tax Credit

There is a 30% federal tax credit available for residential and commercial solar PV arrays. You are eligible for the tax credit as long as you own the solar energy system. If you don’t have enough tax liability to claim the entire credit in one year, the remaining credit will roll over into future years.

Local Incentives

There are state and local incentives available, in addition to federal tax credits. Lists of incentives in the US and Canada are available below.


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Net Metering

If a solar pv system is sized for it, excess electricity can be sent to the interconnected utility grid. If the utility company has a policy to supoport it, the building owner can be paid for that electricity. This is called "net metering".

How Solar Power Works

Solar electricity generation is a product of numerous parts and options all working together. Panels, inverters, and even the electric utility grid all play an important part of a successful solar installation.
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