Enertech's Journey to Energy Independence

Greenville, IL

Project Details

1,441 roof and ground mount panels
5 3-Phase inverters
716,693 kWh's power production
42,400 sq. ft. total roof size

Project Description

As a heat pump manufacturer and leading distributor for solar PV and related power products, Enertech practices what we sell whole-heartedly. Most recently, we installed large solar arrays to cover the energy needs of our headquarters in Greenville, IL, continuing us on the path to energy independence that we hope to help customers achieve. We designed and sourced all products ourselves then leaned on our power product partners, LMD Solar and Patriot Insulation Services, for installation of the ground and roof arrays.

Installation Details

To cover 52,490 sq. ft. of roof and ground space, used 1,441 Axitec 385W AC-385MH/144S modules, Preformed Line Products P6 Power Peak AL racking, S5 roof brackets, and 5 SolarEdge 100kW, SE100K-US three-phase inverters with Synergy Technology to produce approximately 500 kW of energy, designed to cover 97 percent of our energy needs. From June 2020 through October 2020, Enertech used less in consumption and self-consumption (what’s used prior to meter reading) than the array produced, making the system net positive.


Annual Utility Usage Savings: Approximately $43,000.00 (including meter charges and utility demand rate)

Cost to Install Before Incentives: Approximately $971,000, equating to $1.75 price per watt (before incentives)

Breakdown of Incentives: 30% federal tax credit; SREC incentive expected: $436,044.73 (non-taxable); Ameren Smart Inverter rebate: $138, 695.00 (non-taxable)

Depreciation: For commercial projects like these, it's possible to have depreciation at 100% accelerated bonus using MACRS schedule. The system can be depreciated in the first year at 100%, which comes to be 50% of the job cost. Or it can be depreciated over 5 years, if needed.


Solar Installer: LMD Solar

Ground Mount Pier Installer: Patriot Insulation Services

Utility Company: Ameren Illinois

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