Scranton Heating and Cooling Facility

Mt. Sterling, IL

Project Details

39 roof mount panels
20 micro inverters
10 kWh power production
40' x 44' roof

Project Description

Scranton Heating and Cooling is a family-owned business that maintains, manages, and installs geothermal systems around central Illinois. With the HVAC industry's evolving technology and eco-friendly advancements, getting into and installing PV solar only made sense.

John Scranton, owner of Scranton Heating and Cooling, started a joint solar project with his son Casey (see solar install, here) to install solar on his shop and on their homes. With great opportunities personally and for his business, John was very eager to pair his solar array with his geothermal system.

Installation Details

With his load-bearing roof facing south, John only needed a 10kWh solar array to power his entire shop. John has properly insulated and went under construction to add more roof availability to incorporate solar. He is also interested in progressing to other types of systems such as batteries for energy storage and additional solar panels to further his shop’s and home’s efficiencies. Since John lives in a state that has a Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) program, his array qualified and was approved.

Equipment Installed


Estimated Monthly Utility Costs
Before Solar: $300
After Solar: $100


Scranton Heating and Cooling 
Mt. Sterling, IL


Scranton Heating and Cooling 
Mt. Sterling, IL

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