Southern Illinois Lake House

Greenville, IL

Project Details

New Construction
Ground Mount - 36 panels, Roof Mount - 40 panels
String Inverter, 20 micro inverters
10kW ground mount, 10kW roof mount power production
2,400 sq. ft roof

Project Description

After installing geothermal in their home, this family decided to pair it with a PV solar array for ultimate efficiency and further cost savings. This family lives on Governor Bond Lake and spends much of their time entertaining their friends, enjoying lake activities, and hosting family dinners. They value their up-to zero-dollar utility bill and the freedom it gives them to use that budget elsewhere. With their growing family, they have broken ground on a new home that also includes geothermal and a PV solar array. They're excited about the added home value from solar and the maximized efficiency.

Installation Details

On this family's current home, they had limited roof space. They opted for an oversized ground mount system located next to their shed. This ground mount is enough coverage for their current house and shed. With no previous utility bills to base their usage off of for their new home, they decided to install a 10kW system and left room to add more modules on in the future. They chose black on black modules that blended into their roof. Due to their unique roof layout, the panels are spread across the east, south, and west-facing parts of the roof for optimal sunlight exposure. 

Equipment Installed


Estimated Annual Utility Costs
Current House with Geothermal: $89
Current House with Geothermal and Solar: Net Zero*

New House with Solar: Net Zero*

*Other than utility connection fee. This couple is now getting credit for their unused energy through their net metering policy.


Zobrist Electric
Highland, IL 62249
(618) 973-2282

Post Drilling on Ground Mount: 
Durbin Geothermal, Inc
Beecher City, IL 62414
(618) 487-5402


Zobrist Electric
Highland, IL 62249
(618) 973-2282

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