About Enertech Global

When Enertech started in 1996, it was with one simple philosophy:

People Come First

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Since that day, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. As a people-centric company, we believe in family values, loyalty beyond reason, assurance in quality craftsmanship, and making the world a better place. That’s our roadmap, carefully guiding every decision we make. In fact, it’s more than just what we believe; it’s simply who we are.

With that, we’re always looking for ways to move our company forward, stay innovative, and encourage small changes to make a big impact on our environment. From our products to our work atmosphere, everything we do carries this philosophy, and you’ll see it throughout every department and within our strategic partnerships and vendor relations. As a demonstration to these commitments, Enertech is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001.

Throughout the years, we’ve experienced phenomenal growth and delivered award-winning product innovations. In 2011, we took on a new investor in NIBE Industrier AB, the 8,000 employee strong European company. With their added support, we’ve been able to continue focusing on our world-class product design in order to set new standards in the geothermal industry. For example, we were the first to use an all-aluminum microchannel air coil, eliminating unit failure caused by formicary corrosion.

At Enertech, we think a little differently about energy-efficient, renewable technologies. Because of our unique approach, we continue to find ways to make our geothermal heat pumps even better for contractors to install and homeowners and building owners to enjoy. Additionally, we ensure the vendors we work with uphold the same standards for the PV solar products and geothermal accessories we distribute. We do this, all while maintaining our commitment to product excellence and quality craftsmanship. Experiencing the Enertech Global difference comes in the way we do business. To us, it’s not just business. We’re family.

How It All Started

Enertech, Inc., the original company, was founded in 1996 by Steve and Karen Smith as a geothermal heat pump distributor. They were inspired to develop a better workplace for their employees while focusing on creating the best service for their dealers. And, that’s exactly what they did. This concept has created a truly unique culture at the corporate office where the customer always comes first. While we continue to grow at Enertech, their passion stays at the forefront.

The growth of the company led to the founding of Enertech Manufacturing in 2007 after acquiring Hydron Module, LLC. Then, as NIBE approached to invest, we became Enertech Global. With over 75 years of geothermal experience among our senior staff, today we concentrate our efforts on producing the most innovative geothermal product lines on the market and offering the best in accessories and complimentary products. We’ve made improvements in our field that haven’t gone unnoticed in the industry.

Our family of geothermal brands has been recognized for high-quality and design by industry publications including multiple Dealer Design awards from the ACHR News multiple years running, starting in 2010. Products also meet stringent ENERGY STAR requirements, with many proudly displaying their “Most Efficient” status.

Our Team

  • Derek Dwyer

    Derek Dwyer

    President and CEO
  • Dan Jackson

    Dan Jackson

  • Bradley Lanter

    Bradley Lanter

  • Tim Wright

    Tim Wright

  • Jason Bronson

    Jason Bronson

  • Maurice Powers

    Maurice Powers

    IT Director

We Report To You

We are a family-oriented company. We answer directly to our distributors and dealers with technical support and transparency. We connect end-users with qualified professionals to install and maintain our quality products. Our four guiding principles are:

  1. To supply products that are of high quality and reliability
  2. To produce products in a lead-time that meets our customers' expectations
  3. To manufacture value-added products with the features and benefits that fit the needs of our customers
  4. To offer products at a price point that is competitive in the marketplace while meeting the first three objectives

In achieving these goals, Enertech Global puts its customers in a distinctive position to meet the needs of their customers and enhance the profitability of their business.

For Dealers/Distributors

Our Factory

Our Values

Enertech is a company with family values and beliefs. As such, we are committed to the following:


We don't succeed unless our partners do. We believe you don’t have to be related to be family.


We believe our employees are our most valuable asset because of their commitment and pride in Enertech, its customers, and products.


We believe in loyalty beyond reason, extending from employee relationships to customer and end-user relationships.


To ensure the products we manufacture and distribute provide reliability, comfort, and savings, we approach any potential issues with solutions – not blame.


For Enertech, quality extends from the initial product concept, to the components, order, build, installation, service, and support of our systems. Our work doesn't stop when a system is installed, we're here for its lifetime and beyond.


We believe in imagining, creating, and offering better products for a better tomorrow. We aim to improve where we live through environmental consciousness, a culture of care, and enduring optimism.

Our Geothermal Brands

We manufacture three geothermal heat pump brands, all committed to customer service and quality:
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