EPIC Connected Controls
Enertech EPIC Powered by myUplink

With informative connectivity, ongoing product support, and more flexibility upon installation than anything else in the industry, EPIC is the premier solution for heat pump monitoring and controls.

The demands of the modern structure are as ever-changing as the technology that rises to the challenge. Geothermal has always been the most efficient, reliable, and sustainable method of keeping a home or building comfortable, but now it’s connected. With Enertech’s EPIC connected controls, the power to monitor and control your HVAC system is in your hands, and with much more real-time data when compared to a standard smart thermostat.
With EPIC, you’ll gain unprecedented insights into the usage, efficiency, and performance of your geothermal system no matter where you are – all in real time! Take control of your comfort with Enertech’s EPIC connected controls.

EPIC is more than just monitoring.
When paired with myUplink, you get...

Unbeatable Insight

Through myUplink, you’ll gain access to powerful energy monitoring tools and peace-of-mind, even while away from home

Cross-Device Access

Connect from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Pain-Free Installation

EPIC works with most heat pump thermostats and integrates directly into your home’s WiFi. No extra equipment necessary

Future-Proofed Compatibility

EPIC receives over-the-air updates, so you can be sure that you’re equipped with the latest software and seamless communication between your unit, EPIC, and the myUplink app.

For Professionals

EPIC is the most flexible suite of control and monitoring tools in the industry. An intuitive setup process, universal integration with virtually any 24 VAC heat pump thermostat and WiFi router, and powerful professional features provide the contractor with unparalleled capability.
Energy monitoring
EPIC tracks watts daily, weekly, monthly, and annually
Entering and leaving water temperatures
Entering and leaving air temperatures
Lock-out status notifications
Jumper settings on lockout board

EPIC uses the same lockout and ECM boards that you are already familiar with on Enertech's products. So, with a simple, guided setup process, installation is a breeze.

As a dealer using myUplink Pro, you can see a library of all your installed connected units in one, simple view. You will also receive alarms, cloud-based historical data, and notifications if a system is offline. Instill further trust with your customers and be notified of common issues and regular maintenance needs with the diagnostic tools provided by EPIC.

myUplink Tablet

Take the trouble out of troubleshooting

EPIC integrates operation, monitoring, and diagnostics into one easy to use app. Bring the right tools for the right job before even arriving on site with the information provided in myUplink Pro. EPIC’s Internet Gateway supplies valuable feedback through an LED ring on the device. Gain insights indicating the unit’s operation status:
  • Idle
  • Lockout
  • Software update
  • WiFi disconnected
  • Ready for commissioning
  • Heating or Cooling mode

EPIC makes monitoring and troubleshooting complications a thing of the past, so you can focus on creating happy customers that rely on your business year after year.

EPIC is currently available on Enertech’s YT, BS/BT, and ZT units, with broader product line compatibility coming soon.
EPIC connected controls is now available for all of our Enertech Brands.
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