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Air-to-Water Heat Pump

A turnkey solution, bringing modern heating and cooling capabilities to life. Keep homes and buildings comfortable year-round with radiant heating, forced air cooling, and domestic hot water for less money and with less hassle.


Radiant heating, forced air cooling, and up to 100% of domestic hot water in one packaged solution.

Save Money

Transferring heat using water saves 40% on operational costs when compared to standard air-source systems, and that’s not the only way you’ll save money with features like the ECM fan and inverter-driven technology and variable-speed compressor.

Maximum Comfort

Created with comfort in mind, the Advantage provides constant, even temperatures to a home. Whether its -5°f or 95°f outside, you can be sure that your home is the perfect temperature inside.


  • Available Sizes: 2.5 to 5 tons
  • Efficiencies: Up to 5.12 COP / 17.1 IPLV
  • Up to 100% Domestic Hot Water Supply
  • Monobloc Design
  • Variable-Speed Internal Circulating Pump
  • Inverter-Driven Technology and Vapor Injection, Variable-Speed Compressor
  • Pre-Installed Internal Expansion Tank
  • Included Internal Flush Block

Capacity and Efficiency Ratings

Model Full Load Heating Capacity (MBTUH) Full Load COP at 47°F Full Load COP at 17°F Full Load Cooling Capacity (MBTUH) IPLV NPLV
AV030 31.3 5.12 3.24 19.8 17.8 21.2
AV060 55.0 4.83 3.44 37.9 16.6 18.6


Full Load Heating Capacity (MBTUH) 31.3
Full Load COP at 47°F 5.12
Full Load COP at 17°F 3.24
Full Load Cooling Capacity (MBTUH) 19.8
IPLV 17.8
NPLV 21.2


Full Load Heating Capacity (MBTUH) 55.0
Full Load COP at 47°F 4.83
Full Load COP at 17°F 3.44
Full Load Cooling Capacity (MBTUH) 37.9
IPLV 16.6
NPLV 18.6

Efficiency Comparison (COP)

Save Up to 40%

Save up to 40% in operating costs when compared to a traditional air-source system.

Install the Advantage for as little as $250/month!
To learn more about payment plan options, request our Flexible Financing Guide


Our warranty is here to assist if the need arises. The standard warranty includes three years for all parts with seven years for the compressor and a 90 day out-of-the-box assurance. Discuss warranty options with the installer for a full explanation of coverage. Please register and double-check coverage online using the serial number within 60 days of installation.

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Advantage Training

Online training for our Advantage air-to-water heat pump is available for licensed heating, cooling, and/or plumbing contractors with EPA certification.
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