Direct Expansion (DX) Air Handler
& "A" Coil

R410A, Multi-Position

1.5 - 6


Enertech’s Direct Expansion (DX) Air Handler (EAD) exceeds Energy Star’s efficiency requirements, making it the perfect choice for those wanting reduced operating costs. Its internal ECM fan motor is 33 percent more efficient than standard PSC motors, all while maintaining consistent, quiet operation.


The components of Enertech's DX air handler are wrapped in a sturdy cabinet, consisting of 18-gauge, galvanized steel that virtually eliminates harmful flex and excessive vibration during normal operation. This air handler is built to last.


The small footprint afforded by the all-aluminum microchannel “A” coil allows the EAD to do more for your home while taking up less space. While most residential air handlers are only sized up to 5-ton capacities, the EAD comes in an up-to 6-ton model. Plus, with up-flow, down-flow, and horizontal-flow configurations, this product is a multi-positional powerhouse.
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1 Variable-Speed ECM Fan Motor

This high-efficiency, low-maintenance fan motor provides top-tier speed control to accommodate the smallest changes in system load. This variable speed motor allows for a remarkably consistent CFM across a wide range of spaces.

2 Closed Cell Cabinet Insulation

Traditional cabinets use a spray-in fiberglass cabinet insulation, which can lead to dust and sediment being distributed in the air throughout the home. Our EAD is insulated with a closed-cell foam, providing superior sound dampening and improved indoor air quality.

3 Removable, Robust Cabinet Doors

Enertech's DX air handler has unmatched flexibility and strength. Like Enertech-built geothermal systems, the robust cabinet, made with 18-gauge galvanized steel, manufactured in Mitchell, SD, has removable cabinet doors for ease of access.

4 All-Aluminum Microchannel Air Coil

The DX is the only air handler in the US geothermal market that comes with an all-aluminum microchannel air coil. This component boosts performance by 20-40 percent, requires less refrigerant, and is more corrosion resistant than traditional “tube and fin” air coils.


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