Trenton Efficiency Home

Trenton, IL

Project Details

Forced Air
Radiant Floor
1715 sq. ft. residence roof size, 500 sq. ft. garage roof size

Project Description

As a family who has always been interested in renewable technology, the Garrisons were eager to install the new Advantage air-to-water heat pump along with a solar PV roof array. With 40% savings on operation compared to traditional air-source systems, along with no refrigerant lines outside the home, and incredible efficiencies down to -13ºF (-25ºC), the Advantage heat pump is the turnkey solution to modern heating, cooling, and hot water needs. Not only did this family set themselves up for the future of electrification, but also with $0* monthly utility bills (through the coupling of their solar array) and long-term dependability and sustainability year-round. To learn more about their solar installation, click here.

Installation Details

This installation was one of the first projects that included the Advantage air-to-water heat pump. This system uses two units, one being placed inside in the home, and the other sitting outside. This system contains no ground loops, refrigerant lines outside of the house, and uses no fossil fuels. This unit is integrated with vapor injection technology, connected controls, cloud-based system monitoring, and monobloc design.

The solar array includes 48 Axitec monocrystalline modules, with a SolarEdge 10kw inverter and optimizers. This unique solar installation also utilized Unirac frame mount racking and Roof Entry Brackets. See their solar installation here.


Monthly Utility Savings: $200
Solar Lifetime Production: 3.73 MWh
Lifetime Heat Pump Energy Production: 2.51 MWh
1.22 MWh lifetime energy left over to power the home’s additional energy needs


Installer: Enertech Global


Utility Company: City of Highland

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