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Whether you are developing a ten-home subdivision, or a large scale mixed-use “intentional” community, we make sustainable geothermal systems that are a great choice for your HVAC solution.
Peaceful communities with 100% sustainable heating, cooling, and hot water that reduce energy demand are no longer fantasy. It's possible with our geothermal HVAC systems. See how Enertech has helped these communities achieve it.

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28% Smaller Footprint*

*than our competition
Our products give square footage back to you that won't be needed for mechanicals.


Meet electrification goals by reducing energy demand for heating, cooling, and hot water by up to 70%.

Flexible Installation

Radiant heat or forced air, in a utility room or hung between rafters, half-ton sizing, and more. We have options to meet your needs down to 6000 BTUs.


Monthly savings, safety, and improved comfort increase salability of homes with geo.

Integrated Team Solutions

Leverage all the benefits of your HVAC solution with better analysis.

We are the only manufacturer with the capability to view an entire project and the effect geothermal will have on its success. From working with the electric utility to the real estate team and everyone in between, we help with everything from controlling peak energy demand to teaching sales the key benefits of owning geothermal HVAC systems.

We even design and provide solar pv generation. The fact is: The total of geothermal benefit is greater than the sum of its parts.

Peaceful Living

There is no outdoor equipment with geothermal, making homes, offices, and entire communities more peaceful than ever. Air conditioning heat exchangers and the space they remove from the landscaping can be a thing of the past.

Decrease Peak Demand

There's a reason so many utility companies offer incentives for geothermal installations. Geothermal heating and cooling smooths out the sharp increase in power requirements during peak demand times.

Orca Energy

Orca Energy is a geothermal utility company. Orca and their parent company, GeoTility, have been designing, installing, and operating geothermal systems for over 30 years! They complete in-depth reviews of a development or project and build a master service agreement with residential developers. Loop installations are paid off in monthly payments by the homeowner, like a monthly utility bill.

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