Flexible Financing for Geothermal and Solar PV

Install these renewable technologies for
Zero Money Down

Enertech Financing

Enertech has partnered with a lending institution, Clean Energy Credit Union, that specializes in energy-efficient home improvements to offer flexible financing. This way, you can install a renewable technology system, like solar PV and/or geothermal, with zero money down.

The Benefits Are Clear:

You don’t need home equity because the loan is secured by the installed equipment, as opposed to the equity in your house.
There are no prepayment fees.
You are eligible for loan amounts of $70,000 per loan. If you combine loans for multiple improvements, you may borrow up to $150,000 collectively.
Payments are electronic and automatic.
You get access to “competitively low fixed interest rates.”
You have access to a short-term (12 or 18 months), long-term (12 or 15 years), or combination loan.

Savings That Outlast The Loan

Geothermal systems and solar PV arrays are built to last and have extraordinarily long life spans. Installed properly, these technologies can perform optimally for upwards of 25 years. With geothermal and solar PV, you and your family can be confident in your home’s comfort and efficiency for years to come.

Everything You Need To Know About Our Flexible Financing Plans

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