Cooling Down in Florida Home

West Palm Beach, FL

Project Details

Vertical Loop
Forced Air
1,579 sq. ft.
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Project Description

Sunny skies and hot summer days don’t affect this family’s monthly cooling bill. This cold-weather escape is located in West Palm Beach, only blocks away from the beach, and serves as a vacation home. Wanting to keep the home as comfortable as possible in a cooling-dominant climate, the owners focused on creating an efficient environment through a tight seal, proper insulation, and geothermal heat pump technology. These steps properly set their home up for future energy integrations like solar!

Installation Details

Needing a unit for a cooling-dominant climate, the Enertech SideKick Dry Fluid Cooler was installed outdoors in addition to the vertical ground loop. The SideKick removes excess heat from the loop fluid to improve the overall efficiency and help create year-round comfort. This family plans to install an in-ground pool that will also be integrated with their SideKick unit to offer cost-saving water heating for the pool.

Equipment Installed

SideKick Dry Fluid Cooler

SideKick Dry Fluid Cooler

Navigator Split System (BSBT)

Navigator Split System (BSBT)


Before geo: Annual Cooling: $1550
After geo: Annual Cooling: $800
$270 hot water savings
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