Enertech Heat Pump Features

Each Enertech heat pump is built to last with high efficiency for incredible comfort and cost-savings. To give you an idea of what is available in our equipment, we've put together a list of features that are found in most of our systems. Not all features are applicable to every product, because features are determined based on the needs each product meets.

Available Sizes

The size of the system required for home and buildings depends on the size of the conditioned space, insulation values, window type, etc. This size of the geothermal system is determined by doing a Manual J calculation, which is something the installer takes care of.


The safety features of Enertech units include microprocessor controls that function to protect the unit if something were to go awry. Safety is also taken into account throughout the lifetime of an Enertech geothermal heat pump. Our products are ETL certified to UL and CSA standards.

Hot Water Assist

Many Enertech geothermal systems come standard with hot water assist. The geothermal heat pump will use excess heat to assist with heating a home or building's hot water, resulting in 25% - 40% savings on hot water annually.


Most of our geothermal systems are ENERGY STAR certified, qualifying them for many incentives. Geothermal heat pumps cooling efficiency is rated by Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and heating efficiency is measured by Coefficient of Performance (COP). The federal EER minimums range from 17.1 - 21.1, and the COP minimums range from 3.1 - 4.1. The minimums are dependent on the type of geothermal unit. Enertech geothermal systems are AHRI certified to ISO standards, which means they meet further high efficiency standards and are produced in an environmentally-conscious manner.

All-Aluminum Microchannel Air Coil

There are Enertech geothermal models that come with an all-aluminum microchannel air coil. This improves heat transfer for increased efficiencies and lower operating costs, helps increase the system's lifespan, and enhanced structural integrity means less chance of damaging the coil during basic maintenance like a filter replacement. 

Variable-Speed Fan

A variable speed fan provides the ultimate in comfort, allowing the fan to adjust based upon compressor speed, and even humidity levels while cooling (when equipped with a humidistat). In addition, for homes where constant fan (continuous air circulation) is beneficial, a variable speed fan operates at a much lower speed, which provides circulation and filtration at a much lower sound level.

Heavy Gauge Steel

Enertech geothermal systems are built to last with heavy gauge steel. The panels can be removed easily for installation and maintenance.

UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified Cabinet Insulation

Enertech’s exclusive UL GREENGUARD Gold certified cabinet insulation makes the geothermal system incredibly quiet.

Compressor Type

A unit's compressor type depends on the needs it was created to meet. Enertech geothermal systems are built with a variable-speed, two-stage, or single-stage compressor.

Temperature Sensors

As part of the safeties that come standard with Enertech forced air systems, an air coil temperature sensor protects the system in the event the filter is blocked or the blower motor stops working. Additionally, with the variable-speed water-to-water, an outdoor ambient sensor provides temperature feedback, enabling the variable-speed water-to-water to use the lowest possible water temperatures; this eliminates temperature swings and increases your home or building's comfort.

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