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General Courses

Understanding the basics of solar and geothermal is key for future product integration, sales, and marketing. Start here to learn the basics in understanding what geothermal or solar is and how it can be integrated into your business.
Examples: Understanding the Basics of Heat Pumps, What Is Solar PV?

Product Installation

Learn how to properly install geothermal and solar products for successful installations. Learn from top industry leaders and trained technicians who’ve had years of in-field experience and specialize in Enertech’s residential and commercial product lines.
Geothermal: Ground Loop and flow Center Application, Specific and General Unit Installation, All unit trainings
Solar: Module, Inverter, Energy Storage, Roof and Ground Mount

Product Updates

If there’s ever an update to Enertech’s products or within the industry related to solar or heat pumps, you’ll be the first to know! We offer trainings on all product updates and often collaborate or team up with other industry pros to give you an authentic experience and training.
Geothermal: Unit Updates

New Product Training

Enertech is always looking for new products or innova-tions to help make our systems better. Whether it’s built by Enertech or third-party integrations, we’re excited to share our new products in forms of online trainings and webinar launches.
Geothermal: EnerSketch Pro Tutorial
Solar: Fortress Power Product Launch

Advanced Trainings and Troubleshooting

With the help of our trained technicians, Enertech can offer product specific courses that cover more than the basics of geothermal or solar products. Learn from the best as they give step-by-step explanations on best practices and tips to assess in troubleshooting and advance geothermal or solar trainings.
Geothermal: Advanced Troubleshooting Course

Design, Sizing, and Software

Whether it’s geothermal or solar, designing and sizing a system is the initial step for any project. Using Enertech’s design software, or doing it with paper and pencil, Enertech offers customized training for your team, individuals, or class-setting webinar styles to teach the basics of how to properly design and size a geothermal system or solar array.
Examples: Ground Loop and FlowCenter Application, Roof and Ground Mount Installation

Sales and Marketing

Let Enertech help you simplify and understand what marketing can do for your company while working with your sales strategy, not against it. Learn how to create effective marketing and sales strategies with the help of Enertech’s marketing team. Through the use of digital and print ads, websites, and other lead generation tools, you can become a marketing pro.
Geothermal: General Sales and Marketing, Selling at the Kitchen Table
Solar: How to Sell Solar PV

NATE Credit Hours

Are you in need of NATE credit hours? Our geothermal courses are NATE certified and all go towards your credit hours. Talk with our Training Team to set up NATE specific trainings for yourself or your team.

Contact Enertech Training
Geothermal: All Geothermal Courses

IGSHPA Workshop

Enertech University offers Advanced Geothermal Troubleshooting testing, dealer training for employees, and much more. These workshops can be hosted by Enertech per dealer request to IGSHPA for testing.

Please reach out to Enertech’s Training Team for additional information.

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