St. Louis Pool Paradise

St. Louis, MO

Project Details

Vertical Loop
Pool: 18 ft. x 28 ft. by 4 ft. deep
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Project Description

This pool paradise was a unique installation for Hoffmann Bros Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Electrical of St. Louis, MO. After previously installing three geothermal units in their home, this family knew they wanted geothermal to help heat and cool their pool house, keep their pool at a constant 85 degrees, and lower their added monthly utility costs during the summer. The 18 feet by 28 feet by 4 feet deep, concrete pool has a Enertech WT unit installed for pool heating, along with, pumps, controls, and pool filtration equipment. Hoffmann Bros were able to connect the pool geothermal unit with their other three geothermal units in the same ground loop field.

Installation Details

This pool has a Enertech WT heat pump installed that is used for supplying the pool’s swim jets and fountain pumps with hot water. The system uses unique features like an ECM pool pump and hydraulic pump for the motorized pool cover that is hidden in an underground vault when not being used. Geothermal is also used for the water heater and the pool house. All pool equipment, geothermal units, and other related items are kept in the home’s basement. The pool is kept running year-round but does not utilize heat during extremely cold weather.

Equipment Installed


Average electric bills during summer (Home, Pool, and Pool House): $500 monthly


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