Getting Started With Solar

Solar PV may seem complex and confusing, but it can be as easy as 1, 2, 3!
We are a solar product distributor. The products we provide are installed by a network of professionally qualified companies. We want your solar project to be a success, so we're always glad to help you find an installer who can make that a reality.

You're considering "going solar". Great! Before you get started, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind:

1. Your Location

Solar panels can be installed on the roof and/or on the ground. Consider these roof and/or ground mount details.
    At any point of the day, is there significant shade from trees, buildings, etc. where the panels need to be installed?
    Are there any trees that could be removed that would provide more direct sunlight?
    In North America, south-facing roofs and ground mounts are ideal for panel orientation. However if you have an exposed west-facing or east-facing roof, a roof mount may still work for you.
    For roof mount locations, is your roof asphalt, metal with penetrations, metal without penetrations, or commercial rubber sheeting?
    Also when considering roof mounts, how much space is available on your roof (taking orientation into consideration)? A professional analysis and design is the best choice when making preparations for a solar install.
Talking with an installation professional is the best way to properly address these details.

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2. Your Electrical Usage

Your utility bill is a good resource for learning how much electricity your building uses on average, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). It's best to analyze electric bills for the last 12 months to properly size your system for your home or business.

If you're going to net meter, this is when you can determine how much solar generation you need to make that happen.

Are you a new building owner, currently expanding, or will you be building additions in the future? Your installer will need to know this information to properly size your system.
Power Meter

3. Your Finances

Like any major decision for your home or business, it is wise to keep your financial well-being in mind when shopping for solar. Although you will be getting free electricity from the sun, the system and installation costs are important factors to keep in mind for future financial planning.

Talk with your installer about federal tax credits, local incentives, and financing options.

Consider multiple options for your system when investigating system cost. What does the system look like with or without net metering? With or without battery storage?

You don't have to install a full-scale system at one time. You can start saving now by installing a smaller more affordable system and expanding your system later.
Now that you're ready to make a more educated decision about your solar installation, let's get you connected to one of the installers in our network.
Modules, inverters, and interconnections... What are the parts of a solar system and how do they work together?
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