Enertech Geothermal - Energy We Can All Agree On

No matter who you are or what you believe, geothermal is energy we can all agree on. At Enertech, we're known for producing the most energy-efficient, dependable, and sustainable geothermal heating and cooling systems, all while offering the best customer service.
Geothermal uses the solar energy captured and stored just beneath the surface of the earth, which makes it the most reliable solution for heating and cooling your home - no matter where you live. Interested in starting your geothermal journey?

American Made Quality

Our geothermal systems are built and thoroughly tested in the heart of America – Mitchell, South Dakota
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Average Savings

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Lifetime Benefits

With a life span of 25+ years, savings of up to 70%, the ability to provide all of your hot water, and incredible comfort, an Enertech geothermal system is a great choice for your home.

30% Tax Credit

30% Tax Credit
The government also recognizes the fantastic benefits of geothermal. Federal and local entities offer multiple incentives for installing geothermal. The federal government offers a 30% credit that applies to geothermal equipment placed in service through 2032.

Best Residential Warranty Options

We stand behind our products with warranty options that include:
  - 10-year warranty on all unit components
  - 10-year labor allowance* (with registrations of unit)
  - 10-year warranty on select accessory items
  - Extended warranty option for ultimate protection

Flexible Financing

The Clean Energy Credit Union's specialized financing program is custom-tailored to geothermal, with benefits like:
  - No equity needed
  - Loans up to $70, 000
  - Low, fixed interest rates
  - Plans up to 15 years

Contact us for more information about financing or the Clean Energy Credit Union, so you can make the best decision given your unique situation.
*Labor allowances are intended to assist in the offset of contractor's repair costs and may not cover the full amount of labor charged by the servicing contractor.

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Our Geothermal Brands

For market differentiation, we manufacture three geothermal heat pump brands, all committed to customer service and quality:
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