Going Solar in Trenton

Trenton, IL

Project Details

48 roof mount modules
1 SolarEdge Inverter with Optimiers
10 kW DC
1715 sq. ft. roof size, 500 sq. ft. garage

Project Description

As part of their energy-efficient home installation, this young couple decided to include a solar PV array to help offset their monthly home and HVAC energy consumption. Already familiar with renewable technology, they knew they could achieve up to $0* monthly utility bills due to their heat pump's cost-saving benefits. Additionally, the excess energy produced by their solar array will be pushed back to the utility grid and their account credited as part of their net metering program. To learn more about their home and heat pump installation, click here.

Installation Details

The solar array includes 47 Axitec monocrystalline modules, with a SolarEdge 10kw inverter and optimizers. This unique solar installation also utilized Unirac frame mount racking and Roof Entry Brackets. Additionally, this home includes Enertech’s Advantage air-to-water heat pump for forced air heating and cooling, 100% domestic hot water, and radiant in-floor heating. This unit uses no fossil fuels, contains no ground loops, or refrigerant lines outside of the home.


Monthly Utility Savings: $200
Solar Lifetime Production: 6.63 MWh
1.22 MWh lifetime energy left over to power the home’s additional energy needs

Estimated CO2 Emission Saved:10,270.76 lb


Installer: Enertech Global
Utility Company: City of Highland
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