Building and Construction

Whether you are the builder of custom residences, semi-custom, or full on production building, we have the HVAC systems to suit your projects.

Smaller Footprint*

* than our competition
Our products give square footage back to you that won't be needed for mechanicals.


Meet electrification goals by reducing energy demand for heating, cooling, and hot water.

Flexible Installation

Radiant heat or forced air, in a utility room or hung between rafters, half-ton sizing from 6000 BTU, and more. We have options to meet your needs.

Easy Maintenance

Using water-to-air? Change the air filter once a year. We said it was easy.
EPIC Connected Controls

EPIC Connected Controls

Gain insights into the usage, efficiency, and performance of installed geothermal systems in real time.
Horiztontal or Vertical Configurations

Configuration Options

Horizontal or vertical installations are no problem. We have products to cover both.

Peaceful Living

There is no outdoor equipment with geothermal, making homes, offices, and entire communities more peaceful than ever.

Full-Scale Support

We're not only experts in geothermal, but we offer a full line of solar energy production and storage products, as well.
Our team provides engineering and design support throughout every geothermal and/or solar project's lifetime.
Enertech Solar Products
HVAC Contractors HVAC Contractors

HVAC Contractors

We can connect you with a contractor from our robust installer network or train your HVAC contractor to install our products.
Marketing Support Marketing Support

Marketing Support

We have marketing support materials available for your real estate team.

Advantage | Air-to-Water

Our Advantage air-to-water heat pump provides heating, cooling, and 100% domestic hot water. It also brings high efficiency and quality to projects where geothermal isn't a practical solution.

See Our Product Line

Our geothermal products are the most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly way to heat, cool, and provide hot water for residential and commercial applications.

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