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Claim your place in the rapidly growing field of geothermal HVAC!

The push toward electrification and the desire for higher home efficiencies means geothermal is rapidly becoming the technology chosen by real estate development leaders.

We provide...

  • Assistance with IGSHPA Certification
  • Access to a technically-oriented sales team
  • Entry into mixed-use developments
  • Access to excellent HVAC contractors
  • Geothermal loop design software

Same Work. New Opportunities.

  • Your rig can drill for geothermal without buying additional equipment
  • Our larger equipment selection means more projects
  • Minimal marketing investment with our Driller Directory
  • More steady work means more stable workers
  • All this means extra profit for you

There is a huge demand for drillers like you!

Thousands of geo wells drilled in subdivisions every month!

Federal and state tax incentives mean renewed interest in geo!

Push toward “electrification” means more geothermal opportunities!

Communities That Have Gone Geo

Here's How You Can Become Geo Certified:

International Ground Source Heat Pump Association

Become an Accredited Installer

Courses offered through the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGHSPA). A start-to-finish, approach to geothermal systems and ground loops. Understand the complete Geothermal system.
National Ground Water Association

Certified Closed Loop Driller (CVLD)

A certification offered through the NGWA (National Ground Water Association). Already a member of NGWA? This is an excellent way to earn CEU’s towards your state licensing and other requirements for certifications.

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