Solar in Southern Illinois

Trenton, IL

Project Details

38 Ground Mount Modules
1 Fronius Primo Inverter
10 kW DC
2,198 sq. ft.

Project Description

Continuing their journey for home efficiency, the Seger family chose to install a 10kw solar PV ground mount to help offset their geothermal heating and cooling system and daily home energy needs. By combining geothermal + solar with their other home efficiencies, they were able to create additional cost savings and maximize their energy efficiency for their all-electric home. To learn more about their geothermal installation, click here

Installation Details

Since the Segers previously installed a geothermal heat pump, their energy demand was drastically lowered due to geothermal’s 500% efficiency rating. This allowed for a 10kw ground mount array to be installed, covering the majority of their energy needs. The ground mount features 38 Q Cell 390 modules, a Fronius Primo inverter, and DPW railing. To create further energy savings, the Segers use LED lightbulbs, have their front-facing windows tinted, and weather proofed their whole home with extra insulation, black tar on nail holes, low ease windows, and insulated garage doors.


Monthly Utility Bill: $0 per month*
  • Lifetime Solar Energy Production: 36 MWh
  • Over 95% Solar Coverage

*Monthly bill does not include utility charges/fees


Solar Installer:
Joe's Electric

Kyle Seger and Jarrod Leckrone

Geothermal Installer:
Enertech Global

Southwestern Electric Cooperative

Window Tinting:
DTS Tinting

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