Hoffman Lake House

Greenville, IL

Project Details

Horizontal Loop
Forced Air
1400 sq. ft.
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Project Description

This young couple wanted their home to be comfortable and healthy as the wife works from home and as they start their family. Their small home was built in 1952, and it sits on Governor Bond Lake. In the spring, summer, and fall the homeowners spend most of their time outside entertaining friends and enjoying the lake, so they wanted to get rid of their old, rusty, outdoor unit to improve the look of their beautiful, outdoor living space. Because they are still in the early stages of homeownership, it was also important to the family that they would have the flexibility to add a pool sometime in the future without disrupting their loop field.  

Installation Details

The home uses an Ecobee Wifi thermostat and washable 1” electrostatic filters for both the house and shed. Additionally, the homeowners added new ductwork in the rooms and also in the basement. The unit in the house utilizes a horizontal racetrack loop field and directional bore heading to protect the landscaping and eliminate interior piping. The geothermal unit in the shed used directional bore loops (200’ coils) 20 feet below the middle of the back yard to give the homeowners the option of adding a pool in the future. After the geothermal system was put in, the home was insulated with spray foam and cellulose insulation. Spray foam insulation was added to the floor joists allowing the family to heat and cool the basement to a comfortable temperature.

Equipment Installed


Average cooling costs in July:
Before geothermal: $220
After geothermal $89 for approximately 60% savings

With the addition of PV solar, the utility bills are close to $0.



Geothermal Installer: Ernst Heating and Cooling
Hamel, Illinois
(618) 887-6513

Solar Installer: Zobrist Electric 
Highland, IL (618) 654-2485

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