Geothermal for Combined Business and Home

Serenbe, Georgia

Project Details

New Construction
Vertical Loop
Forced Air
18,000 sq. ft.
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Project Description

Nestled in the charming town of Serenbe, Georgia, lies the three-level townhome of the Smiths. This beautiful new construction build serves a dual purpose as both their home and the clinic for their hearing aid company, The Hearing Smiths. As you enter the single-family townhome, you'll find yourself in the clinic area, where the Smiths' customers receive quality treatment for their hearing needs. The family spends most of their spare time on the second floor, which has a cozy living room and a fully equipped kitchen. The third floor is where the primary bedroom and bathroom are located, providing a peaceful retreat for the Smiths after a long day of work. Despite the limited space spanning only 1800 sq ft, the townhome is thoughtfully designed and has everything the Smiths need to live comfortably.

Installation Details

This dark gray townhome serves as a walk-in hearing aid business, occupying a modest yet functional space of only 1800 sq ft. Despite being surrounded by other buildings, the Smith townhome stands out for its innovative geothermal system that minimizes the noise associated with traditional HVAC units. This cutting-edge technology not only ensures a peaceful and comfortable environment for customers but also sets a new standard for sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the community. The Smith’s geothermal unit is a 2.5-ton compact vertical packaged unit connected to a 3-ton vertical bore loop. “Having had geothermal, I don’t see how one could go back to having a traditional unit. This seems the way to go forward.” - The Smiths

Equipment Installed


    Monthly Cost: Utility bill costs are about 50% less per month with geothermal. “With the geothermal, we anticipated it would be more expensive. Our realtor informed us there was a tax credit with the geothermal which we were extremely impressed with. The geothermal has actually been much cheaper for us than we ever anticipated.” - The Smiths


Geothermal Installer:
Swann Mechanical Services

McKinney Builders, Inc

Serenbe Planning and Design

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