L’Avenir: Award-Winning Net-Zero Townhomes

Ft. Collins, CO

Project Details

New Construction
Vertical Loop
9,200 sq. ft. Building, (4) 2,300 sq. ft. Townhomes/Condos + 200 sq. ft. Basements
Project by

Project Description

Featured on Heart of a Building, a PBS production, L’Avenir offers net-zero luxury townhome-style condos in Ft. Collins, CO.

Designed by Davis Davis Architect and built by PhilGreen Construction, each condo’s energy usage is equal to the energy produced through the use of renewable and efficient technologies and design. All items sourced and selected for the project are sustainably and eco-consciously made. With various partnerships, the 9,200 sq. ft. building features four units with a ground-level flex space, second-floor living space, third-floor bedroom, electric bike and car-sharing for residents, Enertech geothermal heat pumps, and a solar PV array. L’Avenir is where comfort and style deliver in-harmony urban living.

Condo owners and architects, Bob and Laurie Davis turned their vision into reality. Their shared love of sustainability and design allows for modern elegance and net-zero luxury. Laurie said she is most proud of these three things “L’Avenir can produce its own energy with the sun and earth, provide a lifestyle that’s flexible, and promote a walkable and bikeable lifestyle with the shared electric car.”

Project Awards

  • LEED Platinum (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) by USBGC
  • LEED Positive
  • US Green Building Council Regional Leadership Award
  • Colorado Petroleum Storage Tank Funding Award

Installation Details

These townhouse-styled condos are built on a 20-feet slab on grade with waterproof membrane and gravel. The walls are double insulated with 6-inch stud walls with blown-in fiberglass insulation, weather resistant barrier, 3-inches of rockwool insulation, and terra cotta exterior finish (R-Value 30-33). The ceiling is insulated with spray foam and blown-in fiberglass (R-Value 50). In the utility room on the ground level a Enertech water-to-water geothermal heat pump unit and 65-gallon water heater, are installed with two air handlers on each floor. True to Enertech’s four-step process for net-zero homes, the high efficiencies, air-tight insulation, and the use of no fossil fuels are key contributing factors to the net-zero capabilities, as well as the passive solar energy design and production. Additionally, these condos feature a limited number of windows on the east to west walls, French-styled windows on north walls for a connection to the outside, energy recovery ventilators, and practice night flash to let cool airflow through and vice versa.

Additional Details:

  • 7 geothermal wells
  • HERS –7 interior units
  • Milk

Solar Details:

  • Number of Panels: 79
  • Utility Provider: Fort Collins Utility
  • Roof Mount Installation
  • Micro Inverters and Optimizers with LG battery backup on some condos
  • 100% solar coverage
  • Panel Brand: LG 375w
  • 37.7 kW PV System
  • HERS -3 with PV
  • EV Charger for e-bikes and community shared electric Nissan Leaf
  • Battery Backup on select condos


As a true net-zero structure, these condos produce enough energy via solar PV array to cover the energy used, giving them up to $0* utility bills.
*Excluding any connection fees.


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