The Seger's Southern Illinois Home

Trenton, IL

Project Details

38 Ground Mount Modules
1 Fronius Primo Inverter
10 kW DC
2,198 sq. ft.

Project Description

After previously installing an Enertech-built geothermal heating and cooling system, the Seger family knew they wanted to continue their renewable technology journey for their all-electric home. Installing a 10kw ground mount solar PV array, the Segers were able to offset the majority of their daily energy consumption. Now they can comfortably heat and cool their home, heat their pool and hot tub, and enjoy having consistent performance year-round without worrying about a high monthly utility bill.

Installation Details

The solar PV ground mount features 38 Q Cell 390 modules, a 10kW Fronius Primo Inverter, and DPW railing. By combing a geothermal heat pump with a solar PV array, the Segers maximized their energy savings due to the numerous benefits of geothermal and solar. Additionally, the Segers use all LED lightbulbs, thoroughly insulated their house, basement, and garage, and installed insulated garage door panels.


Monthly Utility Bill: $0 per month*
  • Lifetime Solar Energy Production: 36 MWh
  • Over 95% Solar Coverage

*Monthly bill does not include utility charges/fees


Solar Installer:
Joe's Electric

Kyle Seger and Jarrod Leckrone

Geothermal Installer:
Enertech Global

Southwestern Electric Cooperative

Window Tinting:
DTS Tinting

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