Greenville Lake House

Greenville, IL

Project Details

10.00 kW DC

Project Description

In addition to Kyle and Valerie's geothermal installation, a 10 kW DC solar PV array was incorporated as part of their four steps to energy independence. Knowing the benefits of geothermal, combined with solar, they are able to significantly off-set the home's energy load for cost-savings and ultimate energy-efficiency. As Enertech's Solar Sales Manager, Kyle was excited to practice what he preaches and set his home up for the future of energy storage, like incorporating solar batteries for backup generation. For additional information on this home, click here to see the detailed geothermal project.

Installation Details

Since this was a new construction home, the couple opted for a standard 10 kW roof mount system that included black on black panels to match their roof. This roof mount provides power coverage for their daily utility needs, power two geothermal heat pumps, and much more. For additional whole home savings, this family has also incorporated LED lights, ENERGY STAR GE appliances, and an energy-efficient electric washer/dryer from Speed Queen.


Estimated solar savings: $1,003 yearly

Estimated energy offset: 60%

*This home does have a geothermal heat pump installed


Geothermal Installer: R and H Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing
Altamont, IL
(618) 483 - 6159


Solar Installer: LMD Solar, LLC
Hillsboro, IL
(217) 710 - 6202

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